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Supercharged Hyundai Genesis Coupe in the works

We're big fans of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe here at Autoblog. We're also fans of vehicles that find ways to make our driving experience more exciting in any way possible. And while it would be nice to see Hyundai plop its 5.0-liter V8 engine under the hood of the Genesis coupe, there is little chance of that ever happening. (Probably for good reason, too.) Still, that doesn't mean more power c

Spy Shots
2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe shows its new face, interior

We recently stumbled upon some grainy photos of what appeared to be a completely uncovered 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, showing off its new Veloster-inspired nose. Now, our intrepid spy photographers have caught a pair of Genesis Coupes out testing in the Death Valley heat, showing off the brand

SEMA Preview: ARK Performance Hyundai Genesis Coupe

ARK Performance Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Click above for high-res image gallery