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Last month, Purolator announced that it significantly expanded the number of hybrid vehicles in its North American fleet. Now, the Canadian logistics company aims to equip its fleet with at least 200 more gas-electric models. This time around, Purolator has turned to Azure Dynamic to fulfill a 200-unit order for hybrid delivery vans. Michigan-based Azure will supply Purolator with its Balance Hybrid Electric, a vehicle which integrates a Ford E450 chassis with a 4.5-liter gasoline engine and a J

It's not only hydrogen-powered Ford E-450s that the Canadian government is into. Thanks to a recent funding announcement to help businesses become more environmentally friendly, Ontario will invest $15 million (Canadian) in a pilot project. As part of this project, Purolator, Canada's largest courier company, decided to order itself some more of Azure Dynamics' E-450 hybrid vans.