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The $128M system could move 30,000 people per hour.

For this Indian tech hub built by private companies, a driverless transport system could help make up for a lack of public infrastructure.

While robotic vehicles out on the open road move forward in prototype form, a system of driverless electric podcars with dedicated tracks is now operational at London's Heathrow Airport. The system, which has been operating on a trial basis since April of 2011 and is entering regularly scheduled service this summer, connects Heathrow's Terminal 5 with two stations in parking lots 1.2 miles away.

Every now and again, a new PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) concept appears. The latest is the case of Nbowm's idea for a PRT system designed for the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Spain. So far, the only one PRT that runs in Europe is Heathrow's POD system.