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Renault snarkily uses French fuel shortage to promote Zoe EV

Renault says calls for Zoe EV information have spiked amid strikes.

France protests have lead to a fuel shortage, which spurred Renault and other companies to tout their electric vehicles.

Uber praises new Mexico City rules allowing ride-share apps

Staff for Uber have praised Mexico City for becoming the first city in Latin America to issue official regulations for such smartphone-based services.

Chinese auto sales take unexpected September slide amidst anti-Japan sentiment

Vehicle sales in China took a sizable dip for the first time in eight months, due largely to the fact that buyers in the country are turning away from Japanese brands. Automotive News China reports wholesale deliveries fell by .3 percent last month, while Toyota and Nissan saw sales figures fall to their lowest levels since 2008. Meanwhile, figures com

Tear gas fired at PSA job protesters outside of Paris Motor Show

Police in Paris fired tear gas at demonstrators outside of the Paris Motor Show today. Around 1,000 protesters showed up in an attempt to break through police lines and gain access to the show in a demonstration against further austerity measures. The group included workers from a PSA Peug

General Motors and Volkswagen may benefit from anti-Japan protests in China

The unrest in China may have positive consequences for automakers like Volkswagen and General Motors, according to Automotive News. As protesters continue their streak of violence, many owners of Japanese vehicles are leaving them home for fear of damage. Protesters have vandalized Japanese businesses and those that sell Japanese go

Anti-Japan protests in China cause Honda, Mazda, Nissan to suspend production

Reuters is reporting That Honda, Mazda and Nissan have been forced to stop production in China after a series of anti-Japan protests erupted over a territorial dispute between the two countries. The stoppage will see a total of four Honda plants go dark for two days, thanks in part to the fact that local dealers have been under attack and can't receive sh

Student protests in Montreal threaten Canadian Grand Prix

As Formula One racing expands around the globe, we've come to expect certain potential disruptions. Demonstrators in Bahrain scuttled last year's grand prix there, and nearly did the same again this year. Violent crime in Brazil has caused some issues at that country's F1 race as well. And over in the rally raid column, threat

Bolivian mining protests highlight need for energy and transportation diversity

Anti-government protests in southern Bolivia over the past several weeks again highlight the risks of migrating to technologies that rely heavily on raw materials from limited sources. The protesters, who are calling for increased infrastructure development in the Potosi region of southern Bolivia, have virtually shut down lead, silver and zinc mines for more than two weeks. While Bolivia is mineral rich, much of the population has remained impoverished.

Supplier CEO attacked and killed by laid-off workers

The Tata Nano, which will be the world's least expensive car, has already exacted enormous sums of money and time. A dispute over the location of a new factory has cost Tata close to a year of court wrangling and might end up spoiling a £200 million investment. Now the efforts to build the Nano have cost a life.