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Dealers praise/criticize Chrysler's Project Genesis

Chrysler's restructuring plan and new plan for product development named Project Genesis is facing some expected criticism from many dealers. However, others are praising the cost-cutting, model-trimming and dealer-consolidation program that's happening as a

Chrysler's Project X to claim 1,000 white collar jobs, 10k hourly workers

As soon as we heard about DC's Project X, we knew the hits to Chrysler employees were forthcoming, but we didn't expect them to be so large and so fast. According to the Detroit News, next week Chrysler Group will announce their intentions to layoff 1,000 salaried workers, along with 10,000 hourly workers from underperforming US plants.

Chrysler's "Project X" calls for 10,000 jobs cuts, two closed plants

We have more details on the rumored restructuring plan that the Chrysler Group is expected to announce on February 14th. First, it's dubbed internally as "Project X", which must mean it involves chimpanzees and large doses of radiation. In addition to radiated chimps (we're kidding, click the link for the punchline), Automotive News is reporting