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Officially official: Better Place Denmark is born

Yesterday we told you of the impending announcement of a deal involving Denmark and Project Better Place. Now that it has been made official, we have the details of the agreement straight off the Project Better Place website.

VIDEO: Shai Agassi's speech on the future of electric cars

Shai Agassi, founder and CEO of Project Better Place, gave an amazing speech at a New Democrat Network meeting recently. Want to know how Agassi's idea for electric cars got $200 million -- the "largest seed round of any venture in history?" Then you have to check out his speech below the fold which tells the history of the company, makes a case for electric cars and details his company's future plans.

Project Better Place coming to Japan?

The Globes reports Project Better Place's CEO Shai Agassi is in Japan looking for partners to bring Project Better Place to the Asian country. Shai has nothing official to say just yet but he does tell Globes that there is a great chance of success in Japan because it's a "transportation island." Batteries would also not be a huge problem in Japan, the article notes. Below the fold is a recent Alex Nunez

Notes from Project Better Place+Renault press conference

Recently, I wrote about the Project Better Place+Renault press conference. Here are some interesting details from the two webcasts titled Press Conference and Media Q&A and linked to from the Project Better Place website. Renault-Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn says the cars will have a maximum price of a gas car and a lifetime warranty.

It's official! Project Better Place, Renault signs deal to bring electric cars to Israel

We told you there would be news today of a Project Better Place+Renault deal for electric cars and sure enough, here it is. The Project Better Place website has updated with new images and information. There is a

First pictures and video of Project Better Place+Renault's electric car

Recently, I wrote about a TV news report on Project Better Place's first electric car. Le Blog Auto found a video of the report online and you can watch it here. The 10-minute video includes a ride along

BREAKING: Project Better Place's electric car debuts, deal with Renault confirmed

Haaretz is reporting that Project Better Place, a company hoping to offer a network of battery exchange stations for electric cars, has unveiled its first electric car. Shai Agassi, the company's founder and CEO, even raced the Project Better Place electric car against a gas car. According to Haaretz, Channel 2 television corresp

Rumors become expectations: Renault CEO to arrive in Israel for electric car project presentation

Globes, one of Israel's leading economic publications, has announced that Carlos Ghosn (Renault President and CEO) is expected to go to Israel for the dedication ceremony for Project Better Place on January 21st. This project by Shay Agassi is the famous Israeli EV venture we've been speaking about for a long time (check the related links below). Investment is expected to be in the range of $150-300 million but the car won't be built in Israel (maybe by Xavier Navarro

Shai Agassi: Israel will have 100,000 electric cars in 2 years

Update: The Globes article has been removed and Shai has posted an entry to his blog denying this rumor.

Renault says they might build electric car factory in Israel, partner with Project Better Place

Recently, we told you about rumors of a possible partnership between Renault and Project Better Place. Renault spokesperson, Rochelle Chimenes, confirmed Wednesday that Renault is talking to Project Better Plac