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Volvo says road trains will be used in Europe by 2020

Swedish automaker Volvo says that road trains will be a fixture on Europe's roads by the end of the decade, according to Autocar. Thomas Broberg, Volvo's senior safety engineer, told Autocar that closed-road trials have already successfully been conducted and revealed that Volvo will participate in fi

Video: SARTRE autonomous vehicle in action shows road train is possible

SARTRE Road Test – Click above to watch video after the jump

Project Sartre's road train concept enters new test phase

A year ago, we reported on Project Sartre, a road train system that uses a lead vehicle, driven by a professional driver, to wirelessly control private vehicles that join the train. Once a vehicle is part of the train, the commuting "drivers" are free to do as they please until their destination approaches, at which time they regain control of the vehicle and leave the train to continu

Project Sartre uses road trains to save fuel on the highway

Do you get bored when driving along the interstate? Ever wish you could just pull out your laptop and check Facebook on a long straightaway? If a EU-funded project called Sartre ever becomes a reality, you could. Sartre is a sort of drafting software that would use wireless controls to group up to 8 cars together into a train that would follow a truck or bus driven by a professional driver. The software uses GPS-based technology to control the distance between cars and keeps them moving at a con