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Seems like it was just last month that Toyota was in trouble in the UK for running with a misleading Lexus RX400h ad (oh, wait, it was last month). And guess what? The Prius is not immune to the Toyota false advertising charge, either. The problem, once again, is overhyped environmental friendliness, according to the Guardian Unlimited.

Ryan Duhaime used the Toyota Prius and an organic theme to develop a clever advertising concept as part of a class project at the Savannah College of Art and Design. His efforts were rewarded with a Best-in-Show and two gold SCADDY awards. His 30-second commercial follows the "natural progression" of owning a Prius. It took Duhaim 10 weeks to produce the piece. And if you want to watch the progress week by week and view the final video, check out Duahime's Web site. The page takes a while to loa