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File this one under the category of unexpected. According to Integrity Exports, Toyota logged an outrageous 52,000 orders for its Prius Alpha hybrid over in Japan since the vehicle launched on May 13th. That's astronomical considering that Toyota set a monthly sales target of just 3,000 units for the gas-electric MPV.

Initially, Toyota set a monthly sales targets of 3,000 units for the Prius Alpha. However, the automaker has reportedly logged more than 25,000 reservations for the gas-electric MPVs since opening its pre-order books back in April. That's more than eight times the amount that Toyota had initially anticipated.

The Toyota Prius finally appears ready to expand from a single model into a full lineup of vehicles. At the popular hybrid-electric car's 10th anniversary party this past weekend, Toyota showed off a billboard that teased a larger, more frugal kind of people carrier with the tagline, "The Prius family is getting a whole lot bigger," and it's thoughtfully included a photo of it on the Prius' Facebook page.