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CO2 vehicle standards could reduce the price of oil

Explaining the ups and downs of the price of oil requires either a PhD and/or an ability to craft a good story. The French institute Enerdata has found another factor that anyone who wants to tell the full tale should take note of: CO2 regulations can affect global oil prices. Perhaps someone should tell the EPA.

OPEC doing its part for economy, urges U.S. to do same

After a meeting which saw a decision by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to leave current production levels in place rather than cutting them to maintain higher prices, a top-level member of the organization has said that they have done their part for the world's economy and "challenged" the U.S. and other countries to "clean up the financial mess they have made." Since cutting production following the collapse of demand last year, the cartel's Secretary General, Abdullah

Falling gas prices may open opportunities for ants

You may already know the story of the ant and the grasshopper. While the summertime of low gas prices reigned, grasshoppers went out and bought SUVs, convinced that the warm season was here to stay. They laughed at ants in their hybrids and on their bicycles. "Silly ants", they said, "However do they manage to drive all their kids to school or haul their boats?" Eventually the days got shorter and the warm breeze that blew as soft as a Gas Co. j

Drill Here! Drill Now! Pay less!

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