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Asking 10,000 people what car they drive and who they like for president yields some interesting results. Did you know Toyota Prius owners like Ted Cruz?

U.S. Presidential hopeful John McCain says he opposes the notion that individual states should be able to set their own carbon dioxide emissions regulations. Still, it sounds as if automakers could be in for a shocker if the Republican were to be elected, as he says, "My goal would be to see a federal standard that every state could embrace. I think we can achieve a status where that would go away." So, it sounds as if the target for CO2 emissions could be set even lower than currently planned.

After serving large helpings of hope to the offshore drilling, "clean" coal, and nuclear power plant hungry crowd, John McCain is set to dish up some tasty dessert for famished clean car proponents. In a speech he will deliver today at Fresno State University in California, the presidential hopeful will lay out a series of proposals aimed at quickening the transformation to carbon-free transportation. The one that really caught our eye was his "Clean Car Challenge" that would award the not-insig