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With the arrival of Spring in Belgium comes news from Liege of progress in the development of a "PowerHybrid" that's aiming to resurrect the Imperia brand. We haven't heard too much from the folks building the Imperia GP roadster since we first told you about them in February. Their inclusion in our Top 20 most exciting green cars we wish we could buy today post reminded us to check out their website again.

It's no secret that the EPA's mileage rating are not an accurate reflection of how many miles per gallon a car will get when driven in real-world circumstances (i.e., everyday). J.D. Power and associates came out with a study recently that found that not only did hybrids only get about nine more mile per gallon than a comparable standard vehicle, consumers didn't really know that hybrids aren't that much more efficient than their gas-only versions. But why is this? part of the answer lies in the