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VIDEO: VW channels Back to the Future, Grease for new Polo ad

Volkswagen Polo Commercial - click above image to watch the video

REPORT: VW logs 13,000 orders for new Polo ahead of launch

2010 Volkswagen Polo: Click above for a high res-gallery

REPORT: New VW mid-size sedan to start at $20,000, arrive in 2012

As part of a far-reaching interview with Stefan Jacoby, Volkswagen's North American CEO, Automotive News has fleshed out some new details about the German automaker's forthcoming Chattanooga, Tennessee-built sedan, as well as the potential viability of the Polo subcompact in the States.

Volkswagen to build Up! in India

Volkswagen has been struggling here in the US, but in emerging markets the German automaker is among the best. VW has been a big player in China since way before it was cool, and now Mr. Winterkorn and co. are focusing their attention on the booming India market. VW is planning on producing 240,000 vehicles per year in India by 2012, and it's using two small cars to supply much of the volume. The size and price of the Polo compact and the upcoming Chris Shunk

VW's Up! could be coming to the States

High fuel prices have started to change the way Americans look at transportation, and several automakers are rushing to market smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles onto US roads. Daimler Benz is in the final stages of launching the Smart fortwo city car here in the US, and Volkswagen is looking at entering the fray with their own mini compact, the Chris Shunk

U.S. or Bust: Volkswagen China developing car for North America

Volkswagen makes good-looking vehicles with terrific interiors, very good fuel economy, and spirited driving dynamics. In the US, those virtues alone don't make a high volume automaker, as price tends to play a major role in buyer's decisions. Due to the strength of the Euro, VW has much higher fixed costs than its competitors, even when production in Mexico is taken into account. As a result of their la

VW poised to sell 200k units in Russia

Volkswagen is yet another car company that sees vast potential in Russia, due in part to the large quantity of low-cost automotive suppliers in the region. The automaker is targeting sales of 200,000 units per year from the home of Ivan the Terrible by 2009 or 2010, up from about 50,000 this year. VW has has put its money where its plans are, too, with a new plant in Kaluga, which sits between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The facility will eventually produce 150,000 vehicles per year, starting wit

Step away from the car: VW Polo magnetic dent promotion

We've seen some strange marketing campaigns from automakers before, but this one is just dumb. The folks in charge of marketing over

The finalists for 2007 World Green Car are from BMW, Mercedes and VW

My friend John over at Autoblog did a good job of highlighting the fact that the German automakers cleaned up when it comes to the World Car of the Year finalists. Speaking of cleaning up, (haha) a subcategory of the competition offers up some choices of the "World Green Car", also all from Germany. The finalists are... in no particular order...

Rendered Speculation: Next-gen VW sport hatch

You can probably guess how much fun reading our mail is here at Autoblog. Tips and comments come flooding in all day and all night. Sometimes the tips are good, sometimes not so much, and sometimes we just can't figure them out. Whether it's a missing link, an incorrect link, or a link to a foreign language site, we sometimes have to pass on what might have been a great post. Of course, there are times when just the graphic is enough to create a post, because it is so compelling. Despite a lack

VW considering bringing the Polo to the US market

Click on the photo for a high-res gallery of the Polo

A1 gets the greenlight, but Audi chief says it's not for the U.S.

We love what Audi has done for the image of the modern diesel engine, and even though their state-side offering isn't the greenest stable on the block, they pulled a respectable 533 in J.D. Power and Associates' Automotive Environmental Index (AEI). That was good enough to place them 13th on the inaugural list just after the Mini. Speaking of the Mini, where would Audi have placed if they offered a small, economical A1?

Has the Harlequin Golf returned?

In 1996 Volkswagen took four Harlequin Golf models on the auto show circuit. A similar Polo model sold in Europe inspired these cars that feature body panels painted in Pistachio Green, Ginster Yellow, Tornado Red, and Chagall Blue. Building four single-color cars and then exchanging their body panels was how these Harlequins were produced, and Volkswagen did this for approximately 275 cars that were sold in the U.S. as 1996 mod

Volkswagen strips vehicle lineup in UK

In a bid to rationalize its vehicle lineup and control costs, Volkswagen's British outpost is taking a massive axe to its range, culling dozens of models and options from its order books. With in excess of 10,000 different build combinations and pressures to streamline their operations, VW has resorted to nixing entire trim levels, colors, options in an effort to simplify its offerings.