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Slovakian company Bozena has created a new toy for the police department. Bozena Riot is an armored vehicle designed for use in riot control. Bozena Riot is large enough to protect 36 fully armored riot police.

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The Grappler is a new method to de-escalate high-speed pursuits.


A police officer and several restaurant goers were lucky to escape injury Christmas Eve. According to news reports, Taos County, New Mexico Sheriff's Deputy Nicholas Lamendola was responding to a call on the evening of December 24 with his lights and sirens blaring when a vehicle pulled in front of his Chevrolet Tahoe police vehicle. Lamendola was traveling at a high rate of speed when he struck the vehicle, bounced over a snow bank, spun through a parking lot and rolled onto the patio of the El

The age of the Ford Crown Victoria cop car is almost at an end, but law enforcement in Austin, Texas wants one more crack at the old standby. Actually, the police are asking city council for $4.5 million to buy 176 Police Interceptor squad cars at an average price of $25,568.