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That there is Larry Hagman. Mr. J.R. Ewing himself. He's a big green car advocate now, and he wandered the AFVI expo hall Monday afternoon looking over the cars and signing autographs for folks. Some of the cars he checked out were from ZENN and Zap! Other cars on the floor are the new police-duty E85 Interceptor, the Chevy Sequel, Zap!'s new all-electric ATV, the T3 scooter and more. Check out these galleries if you can't make it to Anaheim for the public day on Wednesday.

The Morris (Illinois) Police Department is introducing a flexible-fuel Dodge Durango to their fleet and will be filling it up with E85. The SUV won't see police use until October, since modifications like adding sirens and caging still need to be added. One modification – sticking an E85 logo on the back end – was taken care of last week. Since E85 currently costs about thirty cents a gallon less than regular gas in Morris, there is a good chance the department will purchase more fle