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Dashcam Captures Close Call | Autoblog Minute

Pasco Police posted this dashcam footage to Facebook. The video shows Officer Raul Cavazos assisting a driver at a temporary four-way-stop. What happens just seconds after Officer Cavazos leaves the frame can only be described as a close call.

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Ford GT Aerodynamics Test | Autoblog Minute

Ford brings in the GT to test the aerodynamics

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Bull Leads Police On Slow Speed Chase Through North Texas | Autoblog Minute

A bull leads police in North Texas on a four hour long slow-speed chase. Arlington police pursued the bull through residential neighborhoods through North Texas and posted the dashcam footage to their YouTube page.

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Officer Smiles As Chicago PD Pepper Spray Reverend | Autoblog Minute

Recently released police dashcam footage shows what appears to be a Chicago PD officer, Jose Lopez, smiling while a woman is pepper sprayed. The disturbing scene comes from a 2013 incident where a Chicago pastor was beaten and pepper sprayed while her children sat in the car.

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Suspects Throw Bricks At Police Before Fleeing | Autoblog Minute

Two wanted suspects throw bricks at the police car pursuing them. British police recently released this dashcam footage from the February incident.

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Police Dashcam Shows Dramatic Crash and Rescue | Autoblog Minute

Police in Grandview, Missouri released daschcam footage that shows a dramatic crash and rescue.

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Distracted Driver Hits Police Car | Autoblog Minute

Recent footage shows a distracted driver crashing into a police car in Wisconsin.

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Police Dashcam Captures Train Hitting Van | Autoblog Minute

Recently surfaced dashcam footage shows a train hitting a van. The incident comes from Brook Park, Ohio where an AT&T service van is reported to have bypassed the railroad gate and getting stuck in the tracks.

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DUI Stop Shows Lincoln Town Car with Tree Stuck in Hood | Autoblog Minute

The Roselle Illinois Police Department recently released footage of a bizarre DUI stop.

Police dashcam captures NJ home detonating due to gas leak

A police dashcam in New Jersey captured the explosion of a home under renovation because of a gas leak. Fifteen people were harmed in the blast.