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Ford and PML Flightlink -- the same company that created the Volvo ReCharge concept -- will be showing off a plug-in hybrid electric F-150 pickup truck at the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas. Like the ReCharge, the F-150 will be a series hybrid, so the truck should be powered by the electric motors until the battery is close to being depleted. At that point, we assume a stock Ford V8 would recharge the trucks on-board battery pack. The motors themselves are pancake-style wheel-mounted units and

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Recently, I wrote a post that talked about Volvo's statement that they were working exclusively with PML (a company that makes in-wheel electric motors). I found this concerning because I thought PML was working with Zap on the Zap-X, a Lotus-designed, affordable, normal-looking electric car. I contacted Zap Communication's Alex Campbell, who checked with Zap's CEO Steve Schneider about Volvo's statements. Zap says they are in a relationship with PML but only on three-wheeled vehicles. As for fo

In an interview, Ichiro Sugioka, project leader of Volvo's Recharge electric car concept, says PML FlightLink is "currently working exclusively for us." If that was not clear enough, Ichiro adds "all their efforts is going into our projects." The interviewer presses for more information, even mentioning PML's relationship with Lotus, but Ichiro is very clear. You can see this exchange three minutes into the video below the fold.

Justin over at Treehugger.com recently wrote about a standard Mini One which was converted into a stunning gas-electric hybrid by the British engineering firm PML. Instead of implementing a complex, parallel drivetrain system that splits power between electricity and gas, this little rocket's wheels are only driven off it's electric motors. There's one in each wheel. The small internal combustion engine only comes to life when the batteries need recharging. Since it's a plug-in hybrid, that shou