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Electric vehicle (EV) advocate Chad Schwitters recently drove from Washington state down to San Diego, CA in his Tesla Roadster. This isn't exactly news, but when you get Plug In America to write up the journey, you can learn a thing or two from a trip like this. For example, PIA member Linda Nicholes asked Schwitters what he learned on his long drive and we're sure anyone who's looking to take their EVs a ways away from home can benefit from this:

Plug In America and the Chevy Volt – Click above to watch video after the jump

We expect the advocacy group Plug In America to constantly remind us of the benefits of plug-in vehicles. That's their reason for being, after all. Sometimes, impassioned pleas make a good argument; sometimes, taking a fresh look at what might be considered a boring topic does the trick.

Coda Sedan in San Francisco – Click above to watch video after the jump

Recently, a report came out of the National Academies of Science that declared the costs for plug-in hybrids were "likely to remain high" while the benefits would be "modest for decades." With such a tantalizing bit of contrarianism, how could it not make the pages of the New York Times? The plug-in community responded, pointing out that there were many hydrogen vehicle proponents and oil and gas company people involved in producing the report. It was conducted by the Committee on Assessment of

Most everyone in the plug-in vehicle movement knows about Paul and Zan Scott. Leaders of Plug In America, they have been tireless advocates for electric drive vehicles (especially for pairing them with solar panels) for years. But yesterday they shared a bit about why they work so tirelessly to push for EVs.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is working on revising its Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Program for 2015 and beyond. During a meeting last Thursday, members of advocacy group Plug In America delivered testimony at CARB's hearing and asked the regulatory agency to shift its focus from hydrogen vehicles to plug-in electric cars.

The Yes Men were in the news recently for a hoax that put the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's lame position on climate change under the spotlight. This week, Move On and Plug In America are pushing an online campaign to get Toyota to stop funding the Chamber's anti-climate lobbying. The campaign resulted in a large gallery on Flickr that shows Toyota customers calling on the automaker "to stop opposing clean energy" and asks people to write letters to the editor. Plug In America president Dan Davids

Last weekend, Plug In America celebrated its annual fundraiser at the Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, CA. The event was the perfect excuse to showcase a wide array of electron-powered vehicles: AC Propulsion's t-Zero, the Aptera 2e, the Tango, ten Tesla Roadsters, and a few suriviving Toyota RAV4 EVs. The two-wheeled sector was represented by Zero Motorcicles and Mission Motors. Besides the EV galore, the event featured speeches by Rachelle Chong, California Public Utilities Commissioner, and

Those who value the role played by Plug In America (PIA) in lobbying and promoting a future full of plug-in vehicles will have the opportunity to spend some time with the people behind the effort and show your support at their 2nd annual benefit and internet auction. The affair will be hosted at the Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, CA this August 9th and will be attended by many leading industry figures as well as the products they are, or will be, producing. What might you see and whose elbow

Over the past few years, there has been such a flood of announcements about new and sundry plug-in vehicle concepts and production plans that keeping tabs on them all has become quite a confusing chore using the traditional "stacks of small bits of paper" method. The goods folks over at Plug In America have realized this and have now created a webpage to take on the task of keeping track of what's happening with all the various makes and models.

When the big stimulus bill was passed this week, the number that rose to the forefront was a $2 billion investment for plug in vehicles. But, if you add in all the additional plug-in help for things like infrastructure, the actual plug-in stimulus package is closer to $12.5 billion, according to Plug In America's legislative director Jay Friedland. We've taken a look at some of these monies before, but Friedland made a nice list of exactly how much money is available for what. For example, the $

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When Plug In America first announced their "Inaugural Parade West: Plug In, America!" that's taking place in Santa Monica this weekend, they were hoping about 30 vehicles would take part. They underestimated interest. An update PIA sent out this week says that 68 vehicles are now confirmed to roll through Santa Monica on Saturday, all broadcasting the message that there are a lot of people out there who want plug-in vehicles. The vehicle line-up is pretty much a who's who of currently (and previ

The AltCar crowd around the EV1 and the Chevy Volt. Photo to Amy Williams