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Here's a scoop that we missed last month: Check out these spy shots a GrabberOrange.net forum member snagged of two colors we presume to be headed for the '08 Mustang. If that's indeed the case, buyers will soon be able to select the extremely retro-cool heritage color, Grabber Blue, recently showcased on the Galpin BOSS Mustang at SEMA. The other new shade is an equally old-school-looking Amber Gold, which should find its share of fans as well. Here's hoping they're intended for sale to the pu

The only quibble I have with the new Mustang GT -- and it's a really small one -- is the set of oversized driving lights mounted in the grille. I tend to prefer the smaller, more retro-looking ones seen on the Pony Package-equipped V6 models. While perusing Planet Mustang, however, I saw something that changed my mind about the big lights. Street Scene Equipment is selling a replacement grille for 2005 and newer Mustangs that takes the GT-sized driving lights and centers them in the manner of so