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Most cars you see on the road have a traditional piston engine under the hood.

Reducing internal engine friction is Federal-Mogul's goal and, with its CarboGlide piston ring coating, the company seems to have mastered the art of making metal slippery. According to Federal-Mogul, CarboGlide delivers a direct improvement in fuel economy and CO2 emissions by reducing ring friction by up to 20 percent, compared to other commonly used coatings.

When the discussion turns to engine technology, the lowly piston is often overlooked. Yes, it's a vital part of any conventional gasoline engine, but a piston is just a piston, right? Well, not exactly. Federal-Mogul Corporation has taken the basic piston, applied a slick coating to it and eked out just a bit more efficiency in the process. Federal-Mogul's fuel-saving piston is appropriately called EcoTough and the company claims that its special coating offers superior wear resistance while als