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Following weeks of sketches and hints, the carrying case (by which I mean the vehicle) for the unique hydrogen fuel cell system in the Pininfarina Sintesi has been officially unveiled. The striking Pininfarina design - note the crazy-big windshield and the double side windows - houses an electric-hydrogen hybrid system that features little fuel cells peppered throughout the vehicle. The Autoblog team will be in Geneva next week and we look forward to some live pics of this engaging concept. Than

It seems like just a week ago that we were last contemplating the possibility of an all-electric powertrain that would move the Pininfarina Sintesi when it's unveiled in Geneva next month (oh wait, it was a week ago). Now we know, courtesy of Pininfarina itself, that it will be an electric-hydrogen hybrid system and not a typical one at that (not all concept cars need to generate 700 hp the way the Sintesi apparently does UPDATE: the actual number is 240 hp, Nuvera Fuel Cells has told ABG). The

In a little over a month, Pininfarina will reveal its Sintesi concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show. All we know about the Sintesi right now is that it'll look something like the pencil sketch to the right. We also know that Pininfarina wants to build an all-electric car sometime this year. Put those two tidbits together and you've got some juicy speculation on what will sit under the hood of the Sintesi. Top Gear is into it. And tipster Domenick is eager to find out. Anyone else ready for an