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One of the keys to helping clean up diesel emissions and improving performance in recent years has been the piezo electric fuel injectors developed by companies like Bosch, Continental and Delphi. Previous injector designs used electro-magnetic solenoids to move the injector needle and feed fuel to the combustion chambers. In piezo injectors, a stack of piezo crystals expand when an electric current is applied. The piezo actuators respond more precisely and repeatably providing more accurate fue

BMW just introduced its new X3, and for the first time in a BMW model, the range-topping model in terms of performance is powered by a diesel engine. The engine, which will be powering the X3 3.0 sd, has an all-aluminum six-cylinder diesel engine with piezo injectors and is coupled to a six speed automatic transmission. The engine is equipped with two variable twin turbo chargers, generating 286hp and a whopping 580Nm of torque between 1,750 and 2,250 rpm. While the new Citroen 2.2l diesel uses