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If you're a wiz with image altering software and crazy about cars then chances are you know all about the world of photochopping. Maybe you even have a folder stored on your computer filled with your attempts to improve on the exterior designs of top auto designers. If you think you got skillz and can improve on the design of the Aptera Typ-1 (pictured above) then you should click your bad self on over to Carchops.com and pit your revisionary talent against some of the best car photochoppers teh

Well look at that, the quarter panel vent from the new Focus can look good! No need to complain yet that this is but another Ford we'll never see, as it may not happen on any continent. Auto Bild has gone to press with shots of a new Mercury Capri concept that is rumored to be the work of an extremely skilled PhotoChopper. We're also unsure if the details they cite about the car being a sub-3,000 pound 2+2 with 140-250 horsepower and a production date of 2012 are fanciful or rooted in truth, but

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How sweet is that?!?!?! His name's Hugger, created by Michael W.

Peter Smith is a 20-year-old Brit who happens to be a big-time car enthusiast and an avid photochopper. His website, Digimods, is an online showcase of his work. Currently, he has 211 finished projects on display, including the sweet Lexus IS coupe shown above.

The dedicated General Motors supporters at GMInsideNews are tired of waiting for GM to come up with the compelling model lineups that will propel its brands back to market leadership, so they've taken matters into their own hands, with a minisite called Revitalization in Action.