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Peugeot bringing 30 models to Frankfurt

Peugeot will be bringing 30 models to the Frankfurt Motor Show to show off its successful products, new concepts and powertrains, and at least one concept we've seen before that will reaffirm its commitment to moving upmarket. Among the most important centerpiece will be the new, lighter Jonathon Ramsey

More Peugeot 208 FE details emerge, including estimated 135 MPGe

We knew the Peugeot 208 Hybrid FE concept shun slurping gas, but we admit we're impressed that the previous mention of 100+ miles per gallon equivalent might actually be a stunning 135 MPGe. The apparently extremely gas-thrifty 208 Hybrid FE concept car, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in February, will get that lofty number from i