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55% of Americans are against a federal bailout of U.S. automakers. This, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll of 1,003 randomly-selected adults nationwide that was conducted by phone last week between December 11 and 14 (we didn't get a call, did you?). 42% of those polled express support for the measure, which died in the Senate late last Thursday night. The poll results show that respondents place 75% of the blame for the current crisis facing Detroit on the shoulders of management, wi

With all signs pointing to White House action on an automaker bailout despite the the bill not making it out of the Senate last Thursday, Canada has its taxpayers' wallets on standby as well. Our neighbors to the north account for a 20% share of the auto industry, and both the federal and Ontario governments are ready to add a commensurate amount of money to the bailout pot if U.S. government action does take place. So, assuming President Bush instructs Henry Paulson, the recently-crowned King o

Some U.S. policymakers believe that the domestic auto industry needs a multi-billion $hot in the arm, but the sticking point seems to be where to find the funds. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is calling for a portion of the financial sector's $700 billion TARP buyout to be apportioned to Detroit, but Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson doesn't like the sound of that at all. Instead, Paulson would like to see the automakers get the $25 billion they've already been promised, and suggests that it be mad