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MI court ruling gives you permission to yell at parking meter enforcement

Have you ever left your car at a metered parking spot, for just a few minutes too long, only to come back to a parking ticket? Have you ever wanted to yell at the parking enforcement officer? Well, as Jared Rapp found out, the practice is protected by the Constitution.

ATL officers busted for writing parking tickets so they could use spaces and go to lunch

Occasionally, there's a lunch spot so good that many will risk the chance of receiving a parking ticket to go with their tasty meal. A few folks in Atlanta have found just such a spot, but they're upset over how the local parking enforcement is handling the situation. Not because the Atlanta Police Department was handing out the tickets, but rather they wrote the tickets to get the cars to move... and then took the spots for themselves.

Easy to park, easy to enforce parking with: Toronto PD's smart fortwos

The Toronto Police Services is trying to lessen its environmental impact by adjusting the way it goes about some of its daily activities. To that end, the cops have added a pair of Honda Civic Hybrids and a pair of smart fortwo diesels to the fleet. The idea behind the change is to utilize vehicles that are easier to operate and park in the the denser urban environment. The smarts are being used for parking enforcement, where the aggravation one feels at seeing Five-0 writing you a parking ticke