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Paris 2008: What's your favorite?

Click for a gallery of the Honda Insight concept

Paris 2008: Citron's Hypnos brings the rainbow into your car

We got a preview of Citroën's new Hypnos hybrid 'ute a month ago and the real thing is even more ka-razy than we thought. Offset rainbow seats? You got it. Suicide doors and a pillar-free frame? No problem. An interior that Citroën calls a "powerful sensory experience,

Paris 2008: Ford's custom Ford Ka lineup - Digital, Tattoo and Grand Prix

With production Ford Ka vehicles moving through the factory, three custom versions went on display at the Paris Motor Show today. Dubbed the Digital, Tattoo and Grand Prix, the three variations will be offered to customers who buy the standard Zetec model when the Ka goes on sale in January. Here's what the three are like:

Paris Preview: Toyota unveils new Avensis

Click above for high-res gallery with the new Toyota Avensis

Paris '08 Preview: New small Ferrari F149 to debut?

As Ferraris have achieved progressively higher performance, the automotive world has been rife with speculation about a new, smaller model from Maranello. All the while, Ferrari has continuously thrown cold water on the idea, saying that such a new model would push production volumes beyond where the company wants to go. Never content to let official denials ruin the party, auto writers continue to press ahead.