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Terrible Parallel Parking Attempt Caught On Camera

A group of students caught the half-hour ordeal on video

A group of Irish students captured this video of a driver attempting to parallel park – for half an hour.

Brothers Break Parallel Parking World Record

With just 5.5 inches to play with, brothers won't quit to make the tight fit.

Brothers John and Alastair Moffatt break the world record for parallel parking after squeezing their mini into a tight space

U.K. study suggests women don't park as well as men

We've heard this before: men are better at parking than women. It sounds like a bunch of macho male ego BS that's been perpetuated since the days of Leave it to Beaver (happy 94th birthday, Barbra Billingsley!) and Father Knows Best, but the U.K.'s Telegraph reports that a study shows that this myth may not be far from reality.

REPORT: Vauxhall team creates mathematical formula for perfect parking

Parallel parking isn't difficult, but we have generally found ways to make it so. Between cars that almost kinda park for you to those with video game displays that turn parking into a Microsoft Flight Simulator landing attempt to the automated cars that park themselves (a frickin' robot! To park!), getting a car into a space couldn't be more complex.

VIDEO: Your car won't fit, lady

No smartass comments about women drivers, capisce? It could just as easily have been a man at the wheel trying to squeeze 12 feet of car into 10 feet of parking space. While we do admire her determination, we question her depth perception, and her social graces. Perhaps it was a mild case of road rage that apparently leads her to take a swig of amaretto after several passes. We'll probably never know. She still seems to do a better job than the Frank Filipponio

Another parking nanny, this one by Bosch

As a woman, I find the various gadgets making it easier to operate your everyday automobile fascinating. A sensor to check your blind spot for you? Brilliant. Adaptive suspension? Perfect for more sophisticated drivers. But even more fascinating, however, is the subsequent impact upon the "guy things" about operating the automobile.

Watch out Lexus: Students design auto-park system

A rather creative group of mechanical engineering students at the University of Toledo have taken on a unique task: parallel parking. We all know that Lexus has made headlines with the LS460 and the Advanced Parking Guidance System, but these guys have designed a relatively simple alternative that doesn't require a Master's degree to operate.<