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Australian biofuel imports hurting SE Asian rainforests

Photo of "Australia" by reinn. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Biodiesel: War required?

One of the most common slogans in support of biodiesel is: "Biodiesel - No War Required." While that may be true in the sense that the US won't need to ship 140,000 troops to the Middle East to secure the supply of the stuff, there is still plent of conflict over large-scale production of the biofuel in some places. The BBC reports on the situation in Columbia, where the local army and paramilitary units are evicting residents from th

Bolivia investing in biofuels, but with a special twist

Developing countries are focusing their efforts on biofuels as a means of saving their economies. Bolivia is one of them but the Andine country is taking a greener path. According to a speech made by Miguel Daboub, a Bolivian who works in the Brazilian biofuel industry, during a conference in La Paz, the country has great potential for a really sustainable biofuel industry. Daboub was interviewed by Agroinformacion (a site

Thailand has to import more palm oil to support biodiesel production

Thailand has been moving heavily to promote the use of biodiesel produce from palm oil. Unfortunately, they are already running short of the palm oil, so now the government is examining whether to allow imports of the oil. The Thai government Oil Fund may also introduce new incentives to get growers to plant more trees.

Can biofuels hurt the environment?

Here's a twist to the biofuel movement. Expanding the use of biofuels could result in burning down rainforests to facilitate growing more crops.