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Holden and Ford have been fighting the battle of Commodore vs. Falcon for many years, and with the recent announcement of the new Falcon range, the war has heated up. Holden's very competent Holden line has been given quite a jolt in anticipation of the Falcon's release, with many offerings trumping Ford's recently introduced Falcon models.

The Australian-market Ford Falcon is one we would like to have on our shores, and may get if Ford wises up and takes a page out of GM's playbook. The Falcon is RWD, comes with turbo V6 engines, V8s, optional El Camino-like truck beds, and it just looks good. Unfortunately, the Falcon has fallen on hard times, with the venerable Falcon falling to third place in sales down-under, behind the Commodore from GM and the Corolla from you know who. Ford has good news forthcoming, though, as the Falcon i