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As the holidays descend upon us, we find ourselves in the giving mood. So every day this week we'll be giving away auto-related items, starting with stocking stuffers like today's first prize: 10 1-year subscriptions to Ownersite.com valued at $24.95 apiece. For those of you who don't recall, Ownersite.com describes itself as a comprehensive web-based Vehicle Maintenance Reminder and Expense Tracking System. If you keep every receipt associated with your car in a shoe box, then you'll like Owner

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/software/For_the_OCD_in_you_Ownersite_lets_you_track_vehicle_history_to_a_tee'; Before I owned the '99 Alero, there was the '94 Protege. I had a habit of keeping the receipt for every drop of gas I put in that car. They were all stuffed in the glove box with the intent that I would plot a nice graph showing the Protege's gas mileage over time when it came to sell. Well, the Protege died a sudden death, so the car was never sold and the receipts went in the tras