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Daimler Buses North America has completed the delivery of a major order for hybrid buses to the New York City Transit authority. The New York bus system bought 1,350 Orion VII buses that use a series hybrid drive system produced by BAE systems.

Hybrid transit bus deployments are picking up steam all across North America. King County, in Washington, has placed an order for 500 new Orion VII diesel-electric hybrid buses from Daimler Buses North America. King County already has an extensive fleet of hybrid buses and the first batch of 93 Orions are due for delivery in mid-2010. OC Transpo in the Canadian capital of Ottawa also ordered 80 more of the hybrid buses, taking its total fleet size to 177 units. With its current in-service hybrid

There was a bevy of transit officials and politicians assembled Friday at West Brighton's Castleton Depot as the first 15 Orion VII Next Generation Hybrid-Electric buses were officially feted on Staten Island. These are just a few of the 850 strong order on its way to New York. Staten Island will receive 159 of these which will make the gas-saving hybrids a full 51 percent of the fleet. At $514,000 apiece the buses aren't cheap, but officials expect them to require less maintenance as well as sa

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which is part of the US Department of Energy, has been monitoring the performance of three types of buses in New York City for the past year and now has some results to share. They looked at buses powered by conventional diesel drive-trains, compressed natural gas and diesel-hybrids built by DaimlerChrysler. The hybrid buses won out by a huge margin. They had 34 percent better fuel efficiency than the diesels and 60-120 percent better than the CNG

San Francisco is in the green auto news quite a bit lately (see our posts on their biodiesel emergency fleet here and their hybrid taxis here), and here's another way the city is making its public vehicles more green. The city announced last week that they have ordered 56 Orion VII hybrid diesel vehicles from DaimlerChrysler, and that they will have 86 of the buses driving through the city by 2007. The hybrid diesel buses run on diesel and battery power and will make up about half of the vehicle