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Ultra Green Group invests in hydrogen generator developer

UK-based Ultra Green Group has made an investment in a start-up called OM Energy Ltd. OM Energy has been developing an Electro Hydrogen Generator (EHG), which produces hydrogen on board a vehicle from water for use as fuel. Anyone that has been following AutoblogGreen for a while is aware that we generally don't think much of such on-board hydrogen generators for

Sigh. Hydrogen injection filtering to motorcycles

Click above for more shots of the Derby City Kawasaki ZX-10R

Why on-board hydrogen generators won't boost your mileage

Historically whenever gas prices have gone up, charlatans have come out of the woodwork offering drivers all manner of devices that are claimed to provide dramatic reductions in fuel consumption. From magnets that are clamped to fuel lines, to assorted vacuum advance devices, and intake vortex generators and magical carburetors none of these have actually been demonstrated to work. Many of these old school devices can still be found, but one of the most popular new devices is the on-board hydrog

On-board electrolysis unit to generate hydrogen for injection to improve MPG

Global Energy Options and H to-go have developed a retro-fit device called the Hydro Fuel System Hydro-charger that is designed to help improve fuel economy. Texas based H to-go markets the system as MAPSOE (for Most Abundant Power Source On Earth). The device consists primarily of an on-board electrolysis unit to produce hydrogen from a water tank and a system to inject the hydrogen into a standard internal combustion engine. The company claims to have done testin