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We've gazed at OHM's line of electric bikes already this year, and now we find a review by an automotive writer for The Wall Street Journal. David Patton tested the entry-level machine from the company, known as the XU450. The 450 stands for Watts, which the electric motor is able to deliver for short bursts. The rear hub-mounted motor can sustain a constant 250 Watts and the lithium battery is good for up to seventy miles, depending on how much pedaling the rider is willing to endure. Interesti

Have you been wanting to celebrate National Bike Month in fine style this May but are lacking the necessary bicycle part of the equation? Fret no more because OHM Cycles has just announced their 2008 hybrid electric line-up of urban and sport bikes. Designed to help you get up those steep hills and ride farther, OHM harnesses lithium ion batteries from Moli Energy and a microprocessor-equipped brushless DC BionX motor with a command console that allows you to choose between four "power modes" an