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Zap! about to join Tesla with Lotus-designed electric cars?

While there is already one Lotus-designed all-electric car making headlines, the Tesla Roadster, perhaps it's time to get spoiled. We might soon find out what Lotus can do for electric car company Zap!, which currently operates in the NEV market. An exterior redesign does not automatically come with dramatic changes under the hood, b

Video: ZAP's Obvio 828 part of Good Morning America's The Future Now show

Even though it starts off looking like an April Fool's Day parody, Good Morning America had a show last week called The Future Now. This bit featured the ZAP Obvio 828 as part of a discussion on alternative fuels, networked cars and hydrogen fuel cells. Well, discussion is perhaps a bit too generous a word. The hosts, one from GMA and the other from Popular Science, briefly touched on these technologies for the early a.m. audience. Noth

ZAP cars keep coming with Xebra, Obvio

Small and nimble will win the next segment of the auto sales race. With most of the major auto manufacturers only slowly moving away from their once-insanely popular (but now seen as gas-guzzling burdens) large SUVs to smaller cars, independent small car makers are poised to dominate the new generation of cars says Gary Starr, who founded ZAP cars in 1994. The big car companies are coming a little to late to the party, he said. It's a little bit of history repeating itself. Starr told News.com t