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The National VegOil Board (NVOB) has got some new updates for people in the VegOil (or WVO, or SVO, of whatever you want to call it) community.

The National VegOil Board, as you might remember from yesterday, has got a new status for their group (official non-profit) and is setting out to broaden understanding and discussion of using vegetable oil for transportation. The trouble is that the oil has different names depending on the source of the yelloq liquid and the person speaking. Those in the know call it waste vegetable oil (WVO), straight vegetable oil (SVO) or virgin vegetable oil (VVO). Those who don't know sometimes confuse thes

As of November 3rd, the National VegOil Board (NVOB) is a non-profit operating in California. Ethanol and biodiesel have their national boards and coalitions, so why not vegetable oil (for transportation)? The group's mission is to, "provide education about and support for VegOil as a fuel; to facilitate VegOil discussions and events; to promote VegOil research, analysis and funding." NVOB founder Cynthia Shelton sent out an email recently explaining why there should be another SVO group.