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Audi takes the RCN Green Challenge at the Nürburgring, beats official fuel rating by 28 percent

If you're a sports car aficionado, you already know what Nürburgring is: one of the world's most famous race tracks that is used both by car fans and auto journalists to test cars while going a little faster than authorities allow on normal streets. Audi, though, is proud of a recent event at the 'ring that had more to do with reducing fuel use than simple speed. Two Audi TTs with 2.0 TFSI engines mated to 6-speed manual gearboxes enter

Spied on the Nuerburgring again: Veritas RS3?

Click above for a gallery of the Veritas RS3 at the 'Ring.

Spied on the Nuerburgring: You tell us

Wednesday, I was surfing the Internets on my iPhone, checking all my usual sites, one of which is the Nuerburgring Web cam. Usually I either get pictures of an empty staging area or darkness. But this time I got the photo you see above. And, yes, we realize the quality isn't that great. I had to take a picture of my iPhone's screen since it's incapable of sending or downloading photos from the Net. But maybe that will be fixed