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"Click and Clack" Hang Up Their Microphones and Wrenches

Car Talk, an NPR signature show, will end after 35 years on the air

They are two highly educated guys, schooled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a shop in Cambridge Mass., the home of Harvard. But they sound like two funny everyman schlubs who did nothing short of changing the way generations of car owners thought about their vehicles.

This American Life tells the NUMMI story

One of the highest-rated shows on National Public Radio is This American Life, which does deep-dives into weekly themes, exploring subj

NPR's Jason Beaubien drives across Cuba

As you're probably aware, we've imposed some pretty heavy trade embargoes against Cuba since just after Fidel Castro deposed Fulgencio Batista, and we've encouraged our friends to do likewise. As a result, there's a dearth of post-1960 cars running around the island nation. Pistonheads have long viewed Cuba with some interest, figuring that once Fidel and his brother Raul go bye-bye, the now closed, Communist nation will open its doors and sell some of all of the 1950s "Yank Tan

Video: first look at John Goodwin's diesel add-on kit

NBC News got a look at mechanic John Goodwin's soon-to-be-released add-on kits for diesel cars in this video. The NBC video also takes a look under the hood of John's turbine, hybrid H3 that will get 60 MPG. That's not the only TV interview John has done recently. As Lascelles Linton

Rifkin: "Our common energy future lies with the sun, not with uranium"

We've been hearing a lot about nuclear power lately. Bush mentioned it as an ideal energy source to generate hydrogen fuel. An MIT study proposed two reactor concepts to produce nuclear hydrogen. This Derrick Y. Noh

DOE proposes to delay energy bill's 2010 alternative fuel deadline 20 years

Here's a lesson in legislation over-estimating reality. In 1992, Congress passed an aggressive energy bill requiring that 30 percent of the fuel powering U.S. cars come from sources other than gasoline. Sounds great, but the problem is that we're no where near meeting that deadline. Due to a recent environmental group lawsuit, the Department of Energy was required to develop a revised goal. Last Tuesday, the DOE Derrick Y. Noh

"This little school teacher beat the automobile industry"

Back in June, Cheryl introduced you to the name Fran Pavley. Ms. Pavley, a member of the California Legislature, has been battling the auto manufacturers since she began her stint in public office 6 years ago and is largely to thank for California passing a landmark bill forcing industries to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by about 25 percent by 2020.

Click and Clack tackle cost effectiveness of ethanol

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, who host of the popular NPR program Car Talk as "Click and Clack", address the controversial issue of ethanol efficacy. According to a listener's letter,131,000 British thermal units (BTU) are needed to produce a gallon of ethanol. However, that gallon only produces 77,000 BTU of energy. The listener wonders if the 54,000 BTU shortfall per gallon is truly cost-effective compared to gasoline.

Did a GM PR rep offer money to the media in exchange for kind words?

Thursday, former secretary of labor and current NPR Marketplace contributor Robert Reich claimed in an American Prospect Online article that he had been approached by a General Motors' public relations representative with a monetary offering, in exchange for the financial pundit's endorsement of GM's employee buyout plan. Ri