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Nissan 360: the Micra 160 SR

Click the image above for a hi-res gallery of the Micra 160 SR

Nissan 360: the Otti and the Moco

Click the image above for a hi-res gallery of the Nissan Otti and Moco

Nissan 360: the X-by-Wire EA2 concept

Click above for hi-res gallery of the X-by-Wire EA2 Concept

Nissan 360: the Note

The Nissan Note was the smallest of the "big" cars we sampled at Nissan 360. Sold in -- yet again -- Europe and Japan only, the English-built Note hatchback has been on the market for just a year. The car is aimed at "parents who need a practical five-seater," and the inside of the car feels like it's custom made to handle bouncing, throwing, stomping little ones. The front seatbacks even have little tray tables with cupholders in them. It's like coach class, but actually enjoyable.

Nissan 360: the design future, and the new 370Z?

Click the image above for more hi-res shots of the 370Z and Infiniti design teasers.

Nissan 360: the Cube

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Nissan Cube.

Nissan 360: the Qashqai

The Qashqai is a European-designed, Japan- and Euro-market crossover. We didn't drive the gasoline version, but the diesel is doable, if a little slow off the line, and the steering is pretty crisp for a CUV. The Qashqai +2 adds a third row... but there really isn't a lot of room back there, only suitable for new additions to the family. In a theme among all of the Nissan vehicles we drove today, the interior is quite pleasant. As ev

Nissan 360: the Elgrand

Among the larger vehicles offered up at the Nissan 360 event that weren't the large commercial offerings from yesterday were the Japanese and "General Overseas Market" Elgrand Van and the Euro- and Japanese-market Qashqai.