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The focus here is on ProPilot self-driving tech, not a bigger or better battery.

Nissan believes people won't pay for a 200-mile Leaf just yet.


Numbers may not lie, but they sure do get confusing at times. Today's example, the estimated updated energy efficiency numbers for the just-released 2013 Nissan Leaf. The 2012 Leaf was rated at 99 MPGe combined, 106 city and 92 highway with a 73-mile range. The 2013 model gets 130 in the city, 102 on the highway and has a 75 mile range. Sounds like quite the improvement, right?


From what we know today, pretty much everything about the all-electric Nissan Leaf is getting bigger and/or better in 2012. From availability in Europe to 50-state availability and production in the States, it's clear Nissan is planning big things for its EV this year. Now, Nissan's Mark Perry has told the The Detroit News that the 2013 Leaf will get serious improvements when it launches later this year, including a better heater, a darker interior option and leather seats. The new Leaf will be

Nissan Leaf dash display – Click above for high-res image gallery