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Step by step, the arrival of the Nissan Leaf in Canada has inched forward. Now, Nissan of Canada handed over the keys to a shiny black 2011 Leaf SL to Ricardo Borba, a resident of Ottawa and the first individual in all of Canada to place a Nissan Leaf order.

Nissan of Canada has listed the 27 dealers that will initially sell and service the $38,395 ($39,003 U.S. at the current exchange rate) electric Leaf. The dealers, according to Nissan, have undergone specialized training and modified their service departments to gear up for the arrival of the Leaf.

Nissan Canada has officially announced the reservation process for the electric Leaf, which will hit dealerships in the Great White North this fall. Nissan says the first step of the Leaf reservation process is for potential buyers to sign up (some 15,000 Canadians have already completed this step) by clicking here. Then, in late August, Nissan will open up the order books to reserve a Leaf, but only to those registered on the website and who reside within the vicinity of a Nissan Leaf-certified

It's official: beginning this fall, Nissan dealerships in Canada will start selling the electric Leaf, the world's first mass-produced, zero-emissions vehicle. With an MSRP that starts at $38,395 ($39,341 U.S. at the current exchange rate) for the SV base model and $39,995 ($40,980 U.S.) for the range-topping SL model, the Leaf will hit Canada carrying a price tag that's significantly higher than the electric hatchback's $32,780 MSRP in the U.S.

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