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Nissan: we'll sell 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles by 2016 (and plug-in hybrids, too)

In 2009, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn stuck out his neck on electric vehicles when he said that he expects them to make up 10 percent of the new car market by 2020. A decade is a lot longer than ten years in the automotive industry, but Nissan remains confident in EV technology, as

Nissan opens next phase of Intelligent Transportation System testing

Some car companies do a lot more than design more fuel-efficient vehicles in their quest to buff up their green credentials. While Nissan is working on the vehicle side of things with the "Green Program 2010," the company is also offering "CarWings," a way for drivers to track their driving habits (see links below). Moving beyond the vehicles themselves, Nissan announced today it is beginning the next text phase of its intelligent transportation system (ITS) project, which coordinates signals be

Nissan anounces "Green Program 2010"

Nissan has announced a new mid-term environmental action plan called Nissan Green Program 2010. They are planning to introduce a variety of alternative fuel vehicles over the next few years in order to demonstrate their commitment to improving the environment and reducing fuel consumption. Nissan has an aggressive plan to reduce carbon emissions