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Nissan adds tracks to the Rogue in Canada to create the Rogue Warrior, and the company shows what the butch crossover can do on some ski slopes.


Nissan is seriously emphasizing its commitment to motorsports with projects like next year's GT-R LM endurance racer at Le Mans and the company's participation with GT Academy. At least in Canada, the automaker is adding another opportunity to get people onto the track with the new Nissan Micra Cup one-make race series. Sure, the Micra might not as quick as a GT-R, but this series offers Canadians a chance to start racing for a reasonable price. Nissan claims the events have "the lowest running


Canadians, say goodbye to the quirky Nissan Cube. In fact, it's too late; it's already gone. The question now becomes whether the boxy model gets the axe in the US as well.

A new story from AutoGuide is triggering new speculation that Nissan may be about to bring its New Micra to North America. According to a dealer-based source, Nissan is showing off the overseas hatchback at Canadian dealer meetings along with the redesigned 2014 Rogue. The report indicates that the car is expected to go on sale sometime mid next year. Autoblog has learned that, while the New Micra is indeed under study for the Canadian market, it is not being considered for US sales. Our well-pl

After selling out of Model Year 2011 Leafs in two hours, Nissan of Canada had to react, right? It did, but with an offer that's so not compelling that reader Eli G. was a bit put off.

Step by step, the arrival of the Nissan Leaf in Canada has inched forward. Now, Nissan of Canada handed over the keys to a shiny black 2011 Leaf SL to Ricardo Borba, a resident of Ottawa and the first individual in all of Canada to place a Nissan Leaf order.

Nissan Canada has officially announced the reservation process for the electric Leaf, which will hit dealerships in the Great White North this fall. Nissan says the first step of the Leaf reservation process is for potential buyers to sign up (some 15,000 Canadians have already completed this step) by clicking here. Then, in late August, Nissan will open up the order books to reserve a Leaf, but only to those registered on the website and who reside within the vicinity of a Nissan Leaf-certified

Nissan Sentra SE-R writ small – Click above to see the video after the jump