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Fail: Defect reportedly causing NYC car registration stickers to unstick

Apparently, there have been some two million vehicle registration stickers and another 2.5 million inspection stickers issued this year in New York. No great shakes there – except for the fact that the stickers aren't living up to their names, as they are refusing to securely affix themselves to car windshields. This, as you might imagine, is a bit of a problem since citations for a missing or improperly stuck sticker can cost up to $100.

Manhattan developers get ready for the age of the electric vehicle

Many proponents of electric vehicles espouse the benefits of using them in urban areas. The problem is that in many of those cities – like New York or Chicago – people often live in apartments or row-houses and parking is at a premium. A private garage with a plug is a true luxury. Some property developers in Manhattan are now trying to address this problem by installing charging points in the garage facilities of new apartment buildings.

NYC will survey residents on electric cars

Mitsubishi i MiEV - click above for high-res image gallery

Montreal, Niagara Falls, New York City: F1 looks to return to North America

Since the Canadian Grand Prix was canceled for this season, Formula One has been entirely absent from North America. But participating automakers, investors and organizers alike know that the North American market is vital and can't be overlooked, and to that end several new developments are said to be underway to bring F1 back over to the western shores of the Atlantic.

Jetta TDI spotted doing taxi service in New York City

An alert reader in Manhattan recently noticed an unusual new vehicle decked in the yellow paint scheme of a New York cab. This is the first known example of a Volkswagen Jetta TDI doing livery service in the Big Apple. Much has been made of the city's taxi and limousine commission requiring new cab vehicles to get a minimum of 25 mpg and the assumption that this would mean hybrids onl

New York City to get 10 MINI Es for road test

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Hybrid buses debut on Staten Island

There was a bevy of transit officials and politicians assembled Friday at West Brighton's Castleton Depot as the first 15 Orion VII Next Generation Hybrid-Electric buses were officially feted on Staten Island. These are just a few of the 850 strong order on its way to New York. Staten Island will receive 159 of these which will make the gas-saving hybrids a full 51 percent of the fleet. At $514,000 apiece the buses aren't cheap, but officials expect them to require less maintenance as well as sa

In New York City, garage is spelled with a $

We're sure there are plenty of reasons some people would want to live in New York, but it's hard to see why a car guy would want to. Forget the traffic, the kamikaze cab drivers and astronomic insurance rates. Even if you can put up with all that, where the heck are you gonna park a car?

Nissan, GM and Ford agree to build hybrid taxis for New York City

It's time to say adios to the classic yellow Ford Crown Vic. In May 2007, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to transform the city's ubiquitous yellow cab fleet from the old school Ford Crown Victorias to all hybrids. For the past couple of years, a variety of hybrid vehicles have been gradually infiltrating the fleet and generally performing well. Ford Escape hybrids have become a common site on the streets of Manhattan. Under the new rules, starting this October all new cabs comi

Nissan Altima hybrids have joined the New York City taxi fleet

I was in Manhattan for a couple of days this week on a press event and noticed a new addition to the local cab fleet. For years now, the classic Crown Vics have been getting supplemented by Toyota Siennas, Ford Escape hybrids and the odd Prius. While cabbies love the mileage they get with the Prius and Escape, the passengers aren't always so thrilled with the volume available in the back seat. This is where the Nissan Altima hybrid comes in. The Altima has a roomier back seat than the other two

i MiEV on iTunes in HD

Whilst some of us were hobnobbing about L.A. and driving a Tesla Roadster, others of us at ABG had to content ourselves with watching the Mitsubishi i MiEV drive around of New York city via a free download from iTunes. The fact that it was available in high definition (HD), as well as standard definition (SD), helped soothe the soul slightly. Of course it's not the same as actually drivin

NYC hybrid taxis double in a year. Guess which is the most popular?

Since it was decided that the entire fleet of taxis in New York City should become hybrids by 2012 less than a year ago, the number of hybrid hacks has doubled. If the city can achieve that same 200 percent increase every year it will achieve the goal. Out of 13,150 taxi medallions 1020 (just under 8 percent) of them are hybrids toda

NYC congestion charge gets blocked by state

Manhattan's latest attempt at disguised taxation has ground to a halt in the most trivial fashion. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed congestion charge for cars and trucks headed into the city below 60th street was summarily ignored by lawmakers. Rather than a contentious fight in the state assembly, the clock was simply run out and the bill died without being put to a vote. The failure of Bloomberg's plan means that New York City will also miss out on 350 million federally earmarked dollars for

Interested in free scooter parking throughout New York City?

Remember the study that said "if Americans were to utilize one of the latest eco-friendly motor scooters for just 10 percent of their everyday travel, they could potentially reduce national fuel consumption by 14 million gallons of gasoline per day and decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 324 million pounds per day?" Well, in an effort to Jeremy Korzeniewski

Mayor Mike readies $8 congestion fee for NYC drivers

New York's mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is ready to steal a page from his London counterpart's handbook and announce plans to hit drivers who bring their cars into Manhattan below 86th street with an $8 congestion charge in a bid to ease gridlock in the city's crowded midtown business district. The fee would include the existing bridge and tunnel tolls drivers currently have to pay. Some people are understandably upset, and opposition groups are said to be forming in the outer boroughs.

VIDEO: Holy holograph! Lexus ad stops foot traffic in NYC

Holographs have certainly come a long way and you just have to see this Lexus ad to believe it. The company Vizoo is responsible for its creation and has quite a few other non-automotive holographic projectors out there as well. You'll find them quick enough if you click around YouTube for a bit. This particular one is an interactive display for Lexus that allows users to select models and colors before beaming them into the indoor space for a 360-degree walkar

NYC trying its luck with first robotic parking garage

Robotic parking garages haven't caught on in the U.S. like they have in other developed countries. Perhaps that's because we're not as strapped for open space as other nations, or maybe its because the only robotic parking garage in the U.S. has dropped both a Cadillac Deville and a Jeep several stories and trapped its patrons vehicles inside for 26 hours because of a software glitch. We repor

Photos from Audi's parade on Park Avenue

UPDATE: Photos added from Neal M. and dc, play-by-play account from Ahmed

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