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Woman Had Good Reason For Smashing Car Window

'If I stayed there and watched, I was going to watch the dog die'

It was a broiling hot day in New Mexico. A dog was in a parked car. A window was cracked just an inch or two. After watching the dog yelp and paw at the window before curling up on the floor, Susanne Jones knew she had to do something.

Car Stuck Parked In A Crime Scene? That's A Ticket

Parking enforcement's mistake leads to outrage

After a man was shot outside of a rap concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico, people who had parked in what would become a crime scene were outraged to find their vehicles had been cited by parking enforcement.

Ethanol plant stirs NIMBY debate

The plant will produce more than 100 million gallons of ethanol annually, which is triple the output of a plant located in Portales, about 20 miles away. There residents complain of a yeasty odor. City officials blame it on discharges from the plant that fester in the Portales wastewater treatment plant. The new plant in Clovis expects to reuse its water.

New Mexico supports going green

Thinking in renewable energy terms, New Mexico just screams solar energy. But a report released today by the New Mexico Public Interest Research Group (NMPIRG) Education Fund shows that the state can and will do a lot more to reach the goals set by Governor Richardson last June to seriously reduce emissions throughout the state in the coming decades. By 2050, the goal is to emit 75 percent less than in 2000.