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While spending a little time over at Faster and Faster, a site devoted to motorcycles posing with very beautiful, very scantily-clad women, (I was only reading the articles, honest) I saw a piece on this 100-mpg diesel motorcycle that Hayes Diversified Technologies builds for the military. This got my attention so I did a little digging and found out that, although these have been around for a couple of years, the New York Times has only recently got it's grimy hands on one and published its tho

The musings of our buddy Ray Wert can usually be found over Jalopnik and occasionally in video form on CNBC. From time to Times, like today, he also contributes to the Grey Lady. Ray has compiled a list of sites on these here InterWebs that cover all the news about trying to get from point A to point B with the least impact on the environment and has seen fit to include our own little corner.

In the past New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has made his disdain for the US Domestic auto industry clearly known and the other day the pro-globalization writer fired off a salvo at Toyota for their current stance on new fuel economy regulations. Toyota's Irv Miller was quick to return fire last night and now General Motors has joined the fire fight as well. Tom Wilkinson has "penned" a response on the company's FYI blog reiterating many of the same points as Miller and rebutting Friedma

Hot on the heels of Tom Friedman's indictment of Toyota in the New York Times, the company has responded. Friedman was critical of Toyota's support of the Hill-Terry fuel economy bill along with all the other big automakers. Toyota's VP of Communications Irv Miller has used his podium at the Open Road Blog to defend Toyota's position and he sounds an awful lot like Bob Lutz while doing so.