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When it comes to spending money, Volkswagen, as the No Fear shirts used to say, "Ain't skeered." Europe is reportedly headed for a 17-year low in annual car sales, VW share is down 0.6 percent on The Continent and manufacturing overcapacity is estimated to be around 30 percent industry-wide. That is making the ability to accurately predict Europe's future less easy by the day, so VW's solution is to shorten the timeline and spend more money. Last year the German company said it would invest $83.

There has been a lot of talk recently about whether Chrysler has the right products in the pipeline to compete in this brutally competitive automotive market. Company chairman Jim Press told a group of reporters in California that help is on the way in the form of seven new products coming in calendar year 2010. Chrysler top procurement officer John Campi stated recently that the number could be as high as nine, but we suspect the number disparity could be a result of Campi counting vehicle vari