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Report: Volkswagen joining NASCAR rumors begin to swirl again

First Toyota, now Volkswagen? According to the boys from Motor Trend, VeeDub is seriously considering entering into the bastion of American motorsport. That's right, NASCAR. While rumors of VW fielding a Formula 1 team have swirled for quite some time, this is the Jeremy Korzeniewski

Officially Official: Volkswagen confirms new engine plant in Silao, Mexico

Volkswagen has officially announced plans to construct a new powerplant facility in Mexico. Designed to crank out a total of 330,000 engines a year, the Silao plant will cost the company $550 million to build and will bring around 700 jobs to the area. VW says that the new factory is key to its strategy for expansion, and it will help provide engine components for both the new Jetta, wh

Small car or CUV could be added to Volkswagen plant

2011 Volkswagen NMS Sketch – Click above to enlarge

Volkswagen releases another sketchy look at forthcoming 2011 mid-size sedan

2011 Volkswagen NMS Sketch No. 2 – Click above to enlarge