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Peapod now out on its own. Will it find love?

Click above for a high res gallery of the Peapod

Paris 2008: Venturi Eclectic, the production version

While Venturi has cars that drive on the bleeding edge of technology and cost more than several Tesla Roadsters they have not forgotten those of us with more modest means and lesser needs. For folks with as little as €15,000 ($20,700) in pocket and no desire to cruise faster than 45 Kph (28 Mph)

Nemo found near old Camaro factory site

The recent lifting of the low speed vehicle (LSV) ban in Quebec has shone the light of discovery on another electric vehicle manufacturer getting ready to go gangbusters. In Ste.-Therese, Quebec, very close to where the Chevrolet Camaro plant was once located, sits the home o

Phillipine police roll on patrol in a NEV

The price of gas is getting out of hand everywhere. Ok, maybe not Venezuela, where its cheaper than our bottled water at ¢15 a gallon, but almost everywhere else, it's expensive. In the Philippines its so costly ($4.50 gallon in a country where, according to the Philippine National Statistics Office, the average household income is about $4,000 USD a year) that the Philippine National Police (PNP) has started testing neighborhood electric vehicles (NE

Pakistani car company buys Canadian NEV-maker Dynasty

The Daily Times of Pakistan reports that the Canadian manufacturer of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Dynasty Electric Car Corporation has been sold to Pakistani automaker Karakoram Motors. Dynasty General Manager Danny Epp told Canadian Broadcasting that Marc Geller

British Columbia to allow low-speed electrics on low-speed streets

Neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) are about to get their status upgraded in British Columbia. Currently, NEVs are lumped with tractors in the slow-moving vehicle category which means, like tractors, they can drive on public roads with speed limits up to 50 KPH (31 MPH) as long as they have an "overhead amber light" and a large orange triangular sign displayed. Oh, and the four-way flashers must be blinking just for good measure.

Local officials debate allowing NEVs on streets

The Orlando Sentinel reports that administrator John Drury (above photo) is excited that the Tavares City Council is lifting restrictions on NEVs [neighborhood electric vehicles] and even putting in some charging stations. John says, "Wouldn't it be a fine day when people are driving NEVs to the train station, then take a train to downtown Orlando?" Corey Lamb of Lascelles Linton

AutoBlogGreen drives the Kurrent from American Electric Vehicle

Click on the photo of the Kurrent to see a high-res gallery from the factory

Solar-powered electric vehicle top prize at Solar Power 2006

Solar Power 2006, the nation's largest solar energy conference, just wrapped up in northern California with a visit by Gov. Schwarzenegger. More than 9,000 people registered or dropped by to view the exhibits. Highlighting the closing activities was the giveaway of a solar-paneled NEV called the Sunray. Manufactured by Cruise Car, the Sunray can go about 22mph and has a range of 65 miles, according to th