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The best musician friend biodiesel ever had, Willie Nelson, is scheduled to roll up to the SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel plant in Salem, Oregon in a few hours for a celebration of that plant's second anniversary and the ground-breaking for an expansion.

We know Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson are big into biodiesel. In Singapore recently, the Sustainable Biofuels Alliance (set up by the two celebs and biodiesel producers Bob and Kelly King) got its start by asking for sustainable standards for biofuels in the United States, according to Reuters.

Haven't heard enough from Willie Nelson on the subject of biodiesel and BioWillie? The PBS program NOW broadcast an interview with the Red-Header Stranger and David Brancaccio this weekend, and if you missed it, you can watch the show online at PBS.org.

Truckers are quickly becoming biodiesel junkies, or at least strong promoters of the biofuel, according to an Independence Day article in the New York Times. The article focuses on the gas station that has done more for biodiesel in the trucking industry than any other, Carl's Corner in Texas. The most famous name pushing biodiesel to truckers is, of course, Willie Nelson. And the truckers are listening.